Wollaton Park. Home of Wayne Manor.
(google it if you don’t believe me)

Not technically a ‘random street portrait’. But Eden helped out on a ‘street portrait workshop’. I led a small workshop mentoring a group of people who were interested in getting more out of shooting portraits out and about in uncontrolled ‘street style’ environments.

We ran through basics, getting the best out of what was around us, controlling the subject in order to tell the stories we wanted to tell. Eden was just awesome.

As I was leading the workshop, I had ‘first dibs’ on photographing her. This was simply an example of using shade to control the shot on a bright day in order to create more flattering images and of course, make those eyes pop! It was also an example of using darker back grounds to add depth and additional framing.
Blummin Loved Eden. She was just perfect for the session.

© Michael Rowlands.

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