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A semi personal project by Michael Rowlands. A photographer in Derby.

As a photographer, I tend to photograph mainly professional work which sometimes mean personal projects get pushed away or down the list of priorities.
Street portraits are a great way to authentically help me grow and develop as photographer. It teaches problem solving, including minimal equipment work, basic location and environmental challenges, changing conditions and more, but also growth in confidence and help to interact with strangers and essentially, give opportunity in every and any situation.

As this project has grown, it has connected me with people from all walks of life. Has enabled me to explore cities through wandering, It has included exhibitions and workshops and of course, personal growth and adventures.

You can find more about my work here: I can be reached on 07790 011278 or via email:

I’d love to hear from you about projects and interesting things and ideas, workshop/mentoring requests or fellow photographers doing similar things with exciting things and more.

Reach out, say hello. Who knows where it could take us.

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