FAQ | Street Portraits


There are always questions. People want to know more and rightly so. Hopefully, we’ve answered them here for you so that any concerns can be addressed. 

If you have a question yourself, ask away, we’d love to hear from you: hello@streetportraits.co.uk 

Who can have an account?

Simple answer here, Anyone!

People shoot street portraits for many reasons and the image authors range from professionals through to student through to hobby photographers. We feel that its not about status, it’s about you. You could shoot street portraits with a high end DSLR, a consumer camera or ‘old school’ on 35mm film and the results speak for themselves. This journey, this search for awesome we are all on together is what counts. 

Are you an agency?

No agency here. streetportraits.co.uk is run by photographers for photographers with the only intention being this ‘curation of awesome’. If anyone contacts us with specific questions or requirements, we’ll push it out if relevant but we won’t be chasing commission or bidding on work on your behalf. If and when the project grows, we might be able to reap some opportunities that we’ll let people know about, but nothing is by prior arrangement. We are not an agency. 

Why do we have to pay on sign up?

This is one heck of a talking point. One we had a big discussion on. Essentially a subscription network is our filter.  We put a sign up fee on the system in order to avoid people just creating accounts and dumping irrelevant images on the site. You can do a lot of damage with free accounts and we are really looking to create something great. We feel if people will pay for an account, they know are ‘like mind’ and hopefully will be part of the project for the right reasons. In short, it’s about avoiding ‘tyre kickers’ and a simple way to able to essentially curate the quality of photographers at the outset. And by quality, we mean mindset and forward think-ed-ness. 

The NSFW thing…

Yes we do have a NSFW filter.
We are not here to judge others work, if nudity is part of someones street portrait journey then… well. Photography is after all subjective! One person's art is another person's unacceptable. We just wanted to give people an option not to look at things they might consider unwelcome. NSFW simply means, ‘Not Safe for Work’. It’s the viewers choice if they want to view, but we felt it was important to filter the content in this way. The NSFW filter can be applied at upload by the photographer, but as project managers, almost ‘online exhibition curators’ we reserve the right to filter images we feel need a little TLC. Graphic images of any kind from nudity to unpleasant or upsetting images may have a NSFW filter.  It’s a difficult thing to manage and we could talk about it for weeks, but I’m sure as a clever and well-rounded individual, you will understand this.